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Johnston Construction Company now has a
Completely digital submittal process – another
way we add exceptional value to the team

Johnston Construction Company is The Premier Environmental Contractor delivering exceptional quality and service to our customers. We are committed to improving our business and reinventing outdated processes. Allow us to add exceptional value to your project by utilizing our digital submittal process!

Our digital submittal process has evolved over the past five years. Experience has shown that our process dramatically improves the outcome of any project. Projects can now be truly fasttracked. Collaboration is encouraged and remote offices are included as if they were on-site. Communication is faster, easier and more efficient. The project will stay organized from procurement through startup and training.

The benefits offered by this process are enormous.

Managing submittals using our system is:

  • …simple! – uses a familiar Windows™ file directory structure
  • …fast! – stop spending days waiting for the mail to arrive
  • …foolproof! – doesn’t use emails with large attachments
  • …efficient! – stop wasting time and money redlining multiple copies
  • …secure! – access is only given to authorized users
  • …easy! – use existing software to comment and approve
  • …accessible! – review submittals at multiple offices simultaneously
  • …permanent! – a complete digital copy of every submittal version is stored and backed up
  • …environmentally friendly! – our paperless process saves trees
  • …it works! - tested and refined on over 60 projects

In today’s fast paced, mobile environment we cannot afford to maintain the status quo. We must embrace the newest technology in a way that adds value to each team member at the expense of none.

Our digital submittal process accomplishes this goal flawlessly. Procurement is truly fasttracked allowing construction to be completed in the shortest possible time.

1. Digital submittals are prepared by our project administrators and combined into a single Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file for ease of use. This file contains an embedded approval stamp with our certification statement, signature, a transmittal sheet, and the appropriate product information as required by the particular submittal.

2. Digital submittals are posted on our intranet site and can be accessed from any internet ready computer through a simple directory-subdirectory interface. Each project is assigned a unique folder with subdirectories containing project Addenda, Plans, Specifications, Pictures, Schedules, and Submittals (New and Approved)

3. A login and password is provided to allow access to the project folder on the intranet site.

4. As new submittals are posted to the intranet site, you will receive an email notification with an embedded link to the new submittal from our project administrator.

5. Once reviewed, the submittal, a copy of your review stamp and any review comments may be emailed directly to our project administrator with a copy to our project manager. You may choose to directly embed this information into an Adobe (.pdf) file, scan your marked-up submittal; or make comments in a Microsoft Word (.doc) file. Our project administrators can work with any of these methods to produce a single Adobe (.pdf) file to preserve all of the submittal history that is required for your project. The new file name will indicate the specification section, submittal status, and description (i.e.: 13500- 01R001 APP Distributed Control System).

6. This approved Adobe (.pdf) submittal file along with each previously submitted Adobe (.pdf) file will remain accessible on our intranet site in the project specific submittal directory. The approved submittals are posted on the intranet site in the project specific Approved Submittals directory.

7. If requested, after each submittal is approved, hard copies with all review stamps, approval certificates, transmittal sheet, review comments, etc., will be mailed to you for your use.

8. O&M manuals are prepared identically to submittals.

9. At the completion of the project, a complete digital record of the approved submittals and O&M manuals may be provided on a CD or DVD upon request.